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As strong as a sportsperson has to be physically, he has to be strong mentally also. We know workout to make our body strong, but how often do you hear someone telling you “You should do some mental training”. Mind is most important for any sports, because to control your inner strength you require to control your mind. To handle match pressure or anxiety you need a strong well trained mind. All major world champion’s have undergone great mind training to reach the level they are or some are born with a out of the world strong mind. There are many sports psychology exercise, but today i will teach you only 2 simple exercise. When you start doing this exercise regular, you will see progress in your performance and your personal life also. You need to be patient and have to work little hard.

1) Visualization

For this exercise , you require a quite place. Find a quite place because you should not be disturbed while doing this, you must sit in an comfortable position with closed eyes. I will explain you this exercise with an example. For example if you are 100 mt sprint runner, you close your eyes and start imagining about the day of the competition ,” you have just woke up and you are feeling confident, now you are going to the track, you are feeling calm , you have reached the stadium, it is filled with people and the sound of the crowd is getting bigger. You are standing on the track and you have never felt so ready in your life, you take position and hear the gun sound, the race starts, you start running with a feeling of immense energy in your body as you reach the end, you put some more energy which you never had encountered. You have won the race, all your training and effort is put to good use. You are standing on the podium hearing your name in the crowd, you are feeling happy, you are enjoying the moment ” Now slowly open your eyes. This exercise will help you in handling match pressure and anxiety in the matches. You should do this everyday and try to imagine as vivid and realistic as possible.

2) Meditation

The most classic and famous mind training. It is said that meditation is performed from very old . it is also mentioned in many Indian mythology book , that meditation was performed by the Indian gods, you can see the mention of this as early as possible. I after working with many sports psychologist and yoga teachers , our national team had come up with a more efficient way of meditation . For this you need find a relaxing environment or quit place. I would recommend you to start your day with this. So lets start with the exercise, For start you can do for 10 min but if you are doing 10 min than you should do 2 sets 5 min . Breaking the time goal of meditation into half time and doing in 2 sets is more effective than directly doing for 10 min (whatever goal you set). Close your eyes, sit in relax position or in padmasana and set the timer for the first set, your goal should be to focus on one thing like a sound or your forehead, but i would recommend the best is that focus on your breathing pattern and just try to concentrate on it and if any thoughts come in your head , do not try to avoid but try to focus more on the chose thing like your breathing. Once the timer rings rub your palm and gently massage your eyes with it and open your eyes. Now do the second set and repeat the process again. Meditation will try to make you patient, help you control your emotion in the field. It will keep you more focused.

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