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Top 5 Best Wireless Headphones for Girl under RS.10,000 – 2020

You are thinking to gift your Girl a headphone, or you yourself require a new one. So i have chose the best headphones of 2020 under 10,000. I have selected this for the girls because of their designs and their colors. And their quality is also among the best headphones among the market now. All the following headphones are pretty good at their price.

5) Skullcandy Hesh 3

I had to add this in the List. The design of the headphone is pretty rich and luxuries, and to a shocking it is providing a wide range of colors. The quality of the headphone is a strong build. The value of money is great. The battery life is 22 Hrs, It has bass-heavy sound. But it has a tight clamping and also a bloated bass.

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This one has catchy design. The design has it unique JBL design Fabric lining , the ear cup are leather-patina. It has active noise cancellation and its pretty decent. The battery promises 24 hrs.Powerful audio performance with deep bass response, bright highs. But Noise cancellation affects audio performance and it has no case to carry.

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3) JBL E55BT

The design of this is very elegant. It offers plenty of bass but manages to avoid sounding boomy or muddy. It’s good bass, not great bass. The battery life promised is 20 hrs. It does not offer a carry case. It also has a wired option.

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2) Sony WH-XB700

It has very comfortable and stylish design. The battery life is excellent with 30 hrs. And it also offers a excellent bass. It is a great performance with a type-c charger. But the feel of it is very plasticky.

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1) JBL Live 650BTNC

This has the unique design of JBL. The sound is extremely good with and packed with all the latest features. The battery is also excellent and offers Noise cancellation .Supports Google Assistant + Alexa and is extremely comfortable. But it uses micro USB charger.

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