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Must Have Basic accessories for Fitness freak or Sports Person at Home.

In today’s world every person wants to be Fit and Healthy, having a busy schedule you sometimes have to workout at home and you don’t know what basic items you need or like me you are a sports person or a gym freak there are some basic sports or fitness equipment that you must have. Today i have gathered some of the must have sports product which are affordable and very helpful.

1) Yoga Mat

Yes a yoga mat, it is a very useful item. Everyone knows how to use it but do you know why you use it. Basically when we workout we tend to sweat and make a sweat puddle on the ground and it has it demerit’s, like you slip on in it and have injuries and its unhygienic and yuck!! The mat gives grip to the person while performing various exercise like planks, push up, single leg balance and etc. It can also be used outdoor’s so you don’t make your self dirty while doing the floor exercise.

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2) Skipping Rope or Speed Rope

It is one of the must have equipment, Skipping rope is very good for a cardio session and it is also good for fat loss and weight loss. You can do various type of workout for stamina and mobility. I would say you do this with shoes so you avoid pressure on knees.

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3) Resistance or Loop Band

This is very good equipment, this is a good substitute for weights. There are various level of resistance band depending on colors from light to hardest. I would recommend the beginners to use the second lightest usually the blue. It can be also used to make normal exercise more intense like the squats, side leg raise,clam shell,etc. There are various type like loop band, resistance band and resistance tube.

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4) Foam Roller

As fit we want to be we should also might have injuries when we workout or in our life. Foam Roller is good for rehab and prehab exercise. It also so used to make minor muscles of our body strong which are usually not effected by normal exercise. Basically prehab exercise are those which are done avoid injuries and rehab are those which are done after injuries so it could recover. It is also you to massage your body.

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5) Sport’s Braces or Supporters

As i say there are always chances of injuries in an intense workout or even in basic workout if you are a beginner. There are many braces for different types of body part like your back, knee, ankle, wrist and forearm. The braces supports the muscle while doing different workout like lifting, sprint,etc. So wearing this you could injuries or if you have injuries it will protect them and try to stop them from making more worse. It can also be used if you pain in those muscle

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