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Cardio workout at Home

Home Cardio workout in Quarantine.

Cardio is the workout which increase your heart rate, cardio workout is not limited to jogging or brisk walk but there are many exercise which you can do in your home.I’m going to show you some basic and easy set of exercise for cardio and for these you don’t require any type of special equipment. Here are some basic guideline you should know before doing your workout.

  • Before starting with the main exercise do some warm up.
  • Each exercise should be of 30 Sec.
  • keep a 15 sec active break between each exercise.
  • After completion of 1 circuit take rest of max 2 min
  • You can increase the number of circuit to make it more intense. For start do 2 circuits.
So Lets Start!!!
1)High Knees

Start standing with feet at hip distance.Hold your core and lift up right knee as high as it will go and raise the opposite arm, then switch quickly so left knee is up before right foot lands. Continue pulling knees up as quick as possible for 30 sec. Don’t try to bang your feet hard on the ground. This exercise works on your Lower Body And Core. To make it more advance you can use ankle weights.

2)Push Up Plank

Start in a high plank position with your arms straight and your hands placed directly underneath your shoulders. Squeeze your core and your glutes, and pack your shoulders. Your head and neck should stay neutral. Keeping your body in a strong plank position, lower down onto your right forearm, followed by the left, so you’re in a forearm plank. While keeping your core tight and squeezing your legs, push your right hand into the ground, followed by the left, to press back up to a high plank. Do this for 30 sec.

3)Side shuffle knee up

Take small and quick 2 side steps. When you take 2 than lift inside knee up to waist level. Than go to the other side and lift other inside knee up. While doing this hold your core. Try to Control your balance and focus on the exercise.

4) Inch Worm

Stand straight in hip distance, bend down and touch your hand to the floor without bending your knees. Now start crawling in front with your hands swiftly till you reach push up position, now crawl back and stand straight. Now repeat this for 30 sec. Hold your core tight and avoid moving your hip.

5) In-out Squat Jump

Stand straight keeping legs joint, jump into a sumo squat position. Do a squat and touch your hand to the floor. Now come up and jump to standing straight position. Now repeat this for 30 sec in a speed and by holding your core. To make it advance you can use a loopband on your calf.

6) Kneeling to Squat

Do a squat and hold your position, now take your left knee on the floor, than take second knee on the floor. So now you are in kneeling squat position. By holding core step up your left leg by putting pressure on the right leg than bring right leg to squat position. Now do this for 30 sec. You can also do this with the help of kettlbell.

In this quarantine stay home and stay fit.

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