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Amazon Fire Stick:- Best Gift for Family

I always thought to bring a gift for my family. I wanted to bring something that would be used by the entire family and good for the pocket. The gift should be like by whole family as i have big one. So when i was surfing on shopping site. I came across something know as t.v stick which i googled here and there. And finally decided to go for Amazon fire t.v stick. So here after 3 months i’m writing my revive on it. I was also recommend by some to share my views on it.

The fire t.v is a must have if you don’t own an android Television . I always love the OTT platform than the regular cable. You can buy an good affordable sound system and connect to your T.V. And turn your home in and compact cinema hall. Believe me guys if you love to watch movies, you can save a lot of money by watching at home. As the Movie theater have such an high priced ticket and don’t let me start of the food price. And you also don’t have to worry about the shows being houseful. Plus you can watch some of the original series of the OTT platform . And trust me they are much better than some of the regular movies.

There are some cons to it as some ott platform are quite pricey. You also have to wait for a while before some movies on this platform. Plus you need an internet connection also. But there is YouTube which provides a whole lot of entertainment. There are many apps which provide free entertainment and need to pay only for the premium content. And if you don’t have an WiFi it can also be connect to a mobile Hotspot. You can also take Amazon prime membership as it is cheap and serves many purposes. Also platforms like Discovery plus and Disney+Hotstar provide good packages. And the good thing is you can watch anytime and multiple times you want. You can also you features like screen casting.

So lets see how the Amazon fire stick T.v is for use.

I love the Amazon fire stick over other options is one of the key feature, Alexa!! Yes one of the best A.I assistant. Sometimes it acts weird but the Alexa offers great features and has the great user interface. The HDMI extender has a great feature to boost your network, also helps to mount the stick to very hard to access HDMI port of the T.V. The remote is also quite compact and easy to use for the our parents as they are not into much modern tech stuff. The games which it offers are mostly paid after 2 to 3 levels of game-play. The fire stick is also very small and does not occupy space like the other box in market. And i really like the stylish design of the remote. The amazon fire stick is available in two option one is standard and other is 4K version.

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