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How to lose weight? 6 Tips to Lose Weight Tried and Tested: Successful Result

Obesity is one of the most hyped topic in our lives. Many people want to get lean for various reason. Some want to be fit and healthy, or to take control over their body. I would say if you are little at the chubby or curvy side than its okay. But when you are over weighted or obese you tend have many medical and health issue which no one want. Every one should stay healthy. As I would say our goal should be to stay Fit and Healthy. I am sharing this tips from my personal weight loss experience. I lost around 15 kilos in 3 months and it was not an easy road. Doing it properly and with dedication i finally achieved my goal.

1) Workout

It is not easy to lose weight by sitting on couch for that you need to get up and burn some calories. The goal is to do exercise 4-5 days a week but with a proper plan, the session maybe from 45 min to 1 hr. Cardio like jogging, running,etc help a lot in weight loss, it targets the fat in whole body. Try to do cardio in open air and focus more on breathing, because scientifically it is said that oxygen helps in breaking fat. Also lifting some weights 2-3 days a week help in losing some good amount of calories and also help in toning your muscle.

2) Stay Hydrated

Its is not required to tell anyone the benefits of water. Water is the most important aspect of a living being and its not possible to survive without it. We should drink at least 2-3 ltrs of water a day, but you need to drink in 8 to 9 portion and not drinking all the ltrs at a single time. There is a very easy way of checking if we drink enough water or not, by checking the color of the pee. If the pee is clear and white than no required of making a change in your water and if its yellow and dark than my dear fellow grab a bottle and drink some water.

3) What you eat?

I know it is difficult when someone tell you to follow a diet or fast, but i will tell a little secret it is not at all required to fast or starve your stomach to loose weight. But it is not how much you eat? but it is what you eat?. I would say you should keep a track on calories intake and try to eat home cooked food more avoid outside food, packed food, processed food. Some of good habits are eat protein more and try to avoid the sweet’s or any sugar substance(i know its difficult for some of the sweet tooth’s out there). At start you can try to reduce the sugar food and slowly limiting if for occasions only. And yes no soft drinks.

4) When you eat?

You need to fix a schedule for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes you heard it correct, you should try and keep and keep a fix time for having our major food breaks. Many research shows that fluctuation in eating time confuse our body’s biorhythm and leads to weight gain. You can also have some small snacks in between the major food breaks so you don’t gobble up at your food breaks. I would also recommend you that your last meal should be prior 2 hrs to your bed time.

5) Resting and Recovery

The most important key is proper rest. If you keep on working and give rest to your body, than your body will not recover. After doing all the required things and not let your bod recover, its useless as all your work will not have an effect on your body and hence there will no weight loss. For recovery you would need to have proper sleep of 7 to 8 hrs. Also if you workout regular without any off day there will be injury and also this will not be good , as our goal is to stay Fit and Healthy.

6) Patience & Time

This is the last one but the most difficult one, as we live in a fast world people want fast results but in weight loss you need to be discipline, consistent and patient. You need to keep believing in your self and keep on going and never giving up. It will take a little time and patience but once you achieve your goal it is the best gift in the world you can give yourself. Work smart but don’t stop!!

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