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Protein is very important for our body. It is a key supplement for weight loss, gain and for a lean body. Including the right amount of protein in your diet can make huge difference in your life. But it is very difficult to have good proteins so people go for packed protein supplements. But being an athlete we were always recommended to have natural diet like food content from nature and not processed. We would highly depend on chicken,tofu, soybean and many more. Eating protein makes your hunger satisfied and keeps the stomach light. I love the soybean for vegan diet as it has load of dish that can be prepared. And the taste is also great , even if cooked properly it can taste like a chicken. In some renowned restaurant dish’s, it is difficult for a normal person make difference between chicken and soybean.

Soyabean can be used at its different form like soya seeds and beans. There are many dish which can be prepared from this. Today we are making cookies okara. You must be wondering what is okara. When we are making soya milk at home the solid remains of the soya seeds are calleed okara. I personally did not know about this item before, when i made soya milk i came to know about okara, And for surprising i found this item very interesting. Okara is like a dough batter. Today i’m going to make cookies from it.


Banana 1(big)

Okara Dough 3 cups

All Purpose flour 1 cup

Baking soda and Baking powder 1tspn each

Raw Sugar (as per sweetness required)


Cinnamon powder 1

Pinch of salt


Take a ripe banana and smash it with your hand or with the help of a folk. Add the smashed banana in a bowl. The banana adds sweetness to the cookies. Now add the okara dough. Now it depends on you, if you want the banana flavor more you can add more banana. But keep a note do not overpower the okara dough.

Now add all the other ingredients like All Purpose Flower, Baking soda and powder. The cinnamon powder and salt are hidden but most important ingredient to give good taste to the cookies. Add a little oil to it. Now mix the dough very well. Let all the ingredients mix up , slowly start adding milk till the cookie batter is ready. The cookie batter should be little soft, let the batter sit there closed for 30 min.

Pre heat the oven for 5 min at 240’C. Put a baking paper on baking pan. After the dough is set, make small balls and press to flat cookie shapes on your baking pan. You can also add some nuts or choco-chips as toppings. Now set the temperature on 220’C for 10min. Add The cookies to the oven and start baking. You Can also make the cookies on a non stick pan by covering it on medium flame till ready.

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