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How to boost Immunity? The Immunity Boosting Tea:


The immunity boosting tea which i will be showing you to make its an ancient drink of India know by many names but most famously kaada. This tea is used by Indian for a very long time for cold and fever especially in the winter or rainy season. kaada is an ancient part of India and is quite effective. I’m going to show one type of kaada. I would recommend you to drink this tea 2 times a day.


Take 1 cup of water and start heating it and add 1 pinch of Organic Haldi powder, 1 pinch of pepper powder. Than take properly washed tulsi leaves and lemongrass and add it to the boil.

let it heat for at least 2 min till all the ingredients mix up properly and color of water changes. Strain the tea into a cup using a sieve and add 2 drops of ginger. The immunity boosting tea is ready to drink.

In one way adding 2 drops of ginger juice in the end, you can add a small piece of washed ginger to boiling water at start. You can also add raw sugar/honey/jaggery to the boil for some sweetness, i’m recommending this 3 sweetener because it is good for the health .

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