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Importance of Rest And Recovery for Injuries

Rest and Recovery is a very important part in our life. Not only for the athlete’s but for all the people. I always say rest and recovery are the most important part of our life. For the workout to have an effect on the body or to improve we require rest and recovery. We often tend to sit on a couch doing nothing and call it as rest. There are 2 types of recovery , one is physical recovery and other is mental recovery for mental and physical injuries. Physical injury takes time to recover , you can sometimes boost it with some technique. On other hand mental recovery is little hard. I will not go in detail of mental recovery in this post but i will give some tips on both.

Physical Recovery

This recovery is for the physical injuries like a wound or a strain . The time to recover this depends on your immunity and body but you can boost this by eating healthy. You should try to avoid oily food, no fast or junk food only home cooked food. You can drink milk with turmeric powder (haldi) , it helps for the bones to recover. Also drinking bean soup or spinach soup helps. For your i would recommend you to eat only home cooked food.

For strains or sprain you should give that body part proper rest without giving pressure on it. At starting 7 days you can give icing therapy and after that hot bag therapy. You can also apply some gel or ointment on that part. The most important is proper sleep of at least 7 to 8 hrs , this will make you feel fresh. Through out day you must try be active physically by doing small work and not just sitting and watching t.v. You can also do some exercise for strain and sprain like stretching.

Mental Recovery

This is the most dangerous injury because it is not visible and sometimes the person also does not know he is mentally injured . In mental injury there is depression, fear to go back on your field or anger due to bullying or even demotivating yourself due to some type of peer pressure. It should taken seriously as its outcome is dangerous, it is like a chain reaction some small small things trigger to a big thing. I know this mental injury is a big and unending topic because it varies from person to person , i will write a in detail post on this later but now i’m going you some small tips on this. If it is something big i would like to recommend you to visit a psychiatrist or a mind trainer( basically for sports person).

There are some exercise you must do for this like meditating regular or doing some yoga this will not give you something but it will take away anger, anxiety, depression and insecurity. You need to start talking to people who are close to you or the people you trust. One of the best thing is go into the nature for treks or visit a lake, the nature can teach us that a book and a human cannot. Explore the world , enjoy your life, don’t be materialistic in life, hangout with the people you love and just know one thing that everything in life is temporary even the pains and failures. I know it is easy to say but trust in yourself, everything will be okay.

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