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LOVE or SEX :A tale of Sex Addict

Hey, how are you guys? Today I will tell one of the best experience of my life. Being an career oriented guy I was focusing on my job and family. I dreamed to be in a serious relationship but never got time for it or maybe i was not ready. It’s not like, I did not have chance to date but as I said I was not ready. Maybe was looking for the “Perfect Girl”. But later something happened something complicated yet simple and lovely.

It is back in 2010 when i was around 23 years old. I lived in high-tech city or the city of dreams “Mumbai”. I had just finished my studies and started a job. There was colleague , a beautiful girl, a girl with whom any person can fall in love. The thing is, it was not first time i saw her, she was in my college in other division. For a fact i did not know her personally very well and i kind of did not like her. As my and her college group did not go with each other and kind of hated each other. But when i came to know her at work, i realized that she is a pretty great girl, specially by heart.

We started to hang out a lot as we were in the same department. I would say more than lot. She became my best friend on whom i could count on. But one day things turn to be a little sparking . Our team were send on a project in Bangalore and while returning luckily she was my partner in the bus. Or maybe we arranged the seating in such a way so we ended up with each other. Also we were bored with our colleague boring talks . I remember there was a movie playing in the bus and it was quite noisy. We were talking to each other for constant 3 hours and for a sudden. Out of nowhere we grabbed each others hand and we did not resist it at all. A sudden heat flowed through my body and we kissed!!

It was around 1 am in the night and till the sunrise we were awake. We stayed awake just kissing our hands, forehead and hugging each other all night long. We reached Mumbai in the morning 8 and as i reached home, i slept with tiredness. I woke up around 6 p.m and started to think about the night. Being confuse, what was it “love” or just a heated moment. I did not get her call. Thought maybe she was also tired and sleeping, the night just went in suspense. I just waited for next day to rise.

Today i was nervous like what will i say once i meet her. This is most nervous day of my life. I never been so nervous for my results or anything else. As i reached at office i knew that Mahima is not coming to work today. My mind started to think, why is she not coming am i the reason. Things started to build up in my mind.

I know you guys would be like why are you not calling her? the thing is that i did not have guts to call her. But right at that moment my phone started to ring and it was her. Without giving it a second. I picked up and with a soft and beautiful voice she said “hello, how are you Aniket?” All of a sudden her voice started to sound so elegant like an beautiful song. I came to know that for an urgent work she left to Bangalore this morning.

We started talking every night. Knowing each others secret, it was a month and she was coming next morning to Mumbai back. And for a surprise we were talking all month whenever we had time or sometimes the whole night. I did not say surprise because we talked but we not discussed of the night in the bus at all. Just the night before returning to Bangalore she confessed that she Loves me . Yes she said she Loves me and I was quite happy but i did not give my reply. She was not waiting for my answer also.

The day she reached we decided to hang out at my place in the night. We were dancing and I could not wait to tell her that I love her. I said it “I Love you”she smiled and we kissed and I tried to take things little forward. She pushed me away, said that she is virgin and I was okay with that but than she blew my mind. She is not ready for sex at all, and declared herself asexual, saying not interested in sex at all. And here comes a big truth, I myself was quite fond of sex, a quite bit close to sex addict.

I told her that it is fine with me if you are not ready for sex and will wait till she is ready but it is impossible for you to be asexual. I tried to convince her a lot because it was quite difficult for me to digest that someone is asexual in this modern world. Explained here that you cannot say this if you have never tried it. I know i’m being selfish but Mahima and sex are both important to me. I told here that we can wait a year or more before doing it but staying without it is very difficult for me. We had become emotional and thoughts like “Things Between us will not Work” , we both talked with wet eyes proving our statement. We finally decided that……………..

To be Continued………

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