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Covid 19 & Mental Stress

Hey people, how are you? I know this lock down and Covid-19 pandemic has put an toll on your head. We want to go out in the world, have food and enjoy with our friends. But sorry guys we cannot do this, we need to fight this corona virus and come out as survivor. We can fight this pandemic together by staying inside the house and going out only if necessary. I know we are told this daily by everybody. I’m here to tell you about the mental stress that has arise due to pandemic.

There is lot of burden on our mind because of the lock down. The lock down is no less than an house arrest. The mind is trapped in 4 walls and its suffocating. If you’re having bad days, i would say don’t feel alone. The whole world is facing the same problem. It is just matter of some time, once the vaccine is out and reached the world. Things would slowly come to normal. Life would be back on track, now we are on a bumpy ride and slowly we will return to our original track. So now the question is how to keep our minds relaxed till this lockdown ends.

First and most keep yourself active physically. Do any kind of workout like Zumba, Yoga, freestyle, just try keep your body fit and active. The mental health has a great connection with your physical health. Try to enjoy in an certain hour of day by playing games with family or doing something you love, like drawing or reading. Call the people with whom you lost contact because of your busy life. Start investing in new skills, the ones you always thought you would learn. Like cooking, coding, sketching, crafting and many more. I would tell you one exercise which you must put as a habit for entire lockdown. That is meditation, at first you would find it boring, but as days pass you will feel a great and strong positive difference in your life. Just 10 min of meditation in morning will make you feel fresh entire day.

You can make this lockdown as life turning period of your life. In return of wasting time on entertainment, invest more on your self. Keep entertainment as 30 to 40 min part of the day. I know it will difficult for you but better than regretting on this its better to improve your self. So guys tell me in comment section how has this pandemic changed your life? Or what did u learn in this covid-19 situation? Also tell if you have any suggestion in comment section.

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