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Covid-19 & Home Isolation

Hi guys I hope all of you are doing good? The situation in India is getting worsen up day by day. Every other house in India is either getting affected by the virus, battling the virus or recovering from it. Me and my family were also battling this virus, and we successfully fought it. Todays post is just the things to do n home isolation which was subscribed to us by our doctors. First of all if you feel you have any symptoms than we would recommend you get tested, so you can confirm if your positive or negative of covid-19. the symptoms are listed on World Health Organization website .

The first step is to avoid going out of the house. I know everybody has work and all but avoid going out without a good reason. While going out take proper precaution like double masking , touching your face and try to sanitize if you touch any of the public accessible things. And as you reach home directly take a shower. The virus is so dangerous that it might affect you after doing all this also, but you should not panic or neither should you make your family members panic.

The most important thing in this situation is you should support each other mentally by keeping distance. If you identify any symptoms at early stage, or if you have came in close contact with an infected person, than try to isolate yourself as soon as possible. And after doing an RTPCR test if you come positive, than you must inform all the person with whom you have came in contact in this recent days so they can take necessary actions and help in further breaking the chain by not affecting any further people.

If you test positive, first thing is you to self isolate yourself in a room, if possible try to use a separate bathroom. Always before and after using any thing sanitize it, in this way you will avoid the chance the risk of infecting other members of family. When ever you will have to come in the common area with other family members, wear double mask and also let the other family member also wear a mask. The most important thing is if possible try to use a separate washroom.

At home take hot water steam from nasal at least 3 times a day. Have vitamin c 500mg 2 times a day. Take other medication like vitamin E and all BUT Please take note please follow the medication given by your doctor and maintain a good hygiene. The important thing in this pandemic is to have good mental health. I would request all the reader please help the infected patient mentally, don’t make them feel worse or create more problem to the victims. In this situation there is no use blaming each other but t stand for each other and support each other. Try to avoid the unwanted and fake messages on the WhatsApp and news because all this things will make you more mentally weak . Instead focus on your recovery and health and keep a good focus on your oxygen level.

Do not do any kind of heavy workout and try to breath fresh air. You can do small exercise of yoga like anulom vilom pranayam. Try to contact the people who you lost your contact. But most important try to keep positivity around your self. I would also request everybody to try a get vaccinated as soon as possible. this is the most crucial time of our life and we have fight together stay responsible. And as time flies everything will be back to normal and even better. Please help the people around you in need and we will win this war together. life matters than anything.

We should all support the doctors and if anybody wants help than stay at home. Follow all the rules and guidelines instructed by the government, be a responsible citizen and stay safe. This post was just intended to show the situation around you.


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