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Men Best Beard and Face Wash

It is always difficult to find a good face wash being a bearded person. Many question come like will it be safe for my facial hair pores? Will it have effect on my skin? And many more. I had to always go through all the reviews and sometimes after buying it , my expectation would be down after using it. So i have got you some great products which i have personally used for months. I personally like the natural and organic product more. I always think it should be safe for the face, make the beard soft and also keep the skin smooth.

4) Beardo Beard Wash

This offers in 4 scent smell, all the smells are very good. The beardo beard wash is a great beard wash and ok a face wash. But it keeps your beard smooth and a good texture. My favorite is the scent smell it offers and it is quite noticeable by other people. I would only recommend for medium to large beards and not for small. The Classic is great for skin and beard both. The Old Fashioned is for normal to dry skin. The Irish Royal is for oily skin. The Black Velvette is for sensitive skin and my personal favorite.

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3) L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Barber Club, Beard + Face + Hair Wash

Only wash in the list which serves for 3 purpose as face,beard and hair wash. It is healthy for your face and beard, it keeps the beard soft. The smell is quite unique and has a punch to it. It gives a rich texture to the hair. If you are traveling for a long trip i would prefer to pack this with you. Good for the winter and rainy season.

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2) Brylcreem Face and Beard Gel Wash

This is a gel based wash. I like to use this in the summers or when its sweaty. It keeps your face cool and fresh. This gel, hydrates your skin and is said to be rich in ant-oxidants. It keeps the face clean and soft and it is great for the beard. If you have itchy beard this is the best i will recommend.

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1)Himalaya Men Face And Beard Wash

The best all season face wash and great to pack for a long traveling trip. It is an aloe vera and coconut water mixture. Very good for the skin and keeps the beard hydrated. Its best one i have used in all perspective, from smell to the effect on skin to the price. This is my go to beard wash of all time.

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